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The View From the Top


I love a handwritten note.

I like the feel of an envelope in my fingers. I like it when someone puts a stamp on that is unique, colorful or interesting. I enjoy pulling a piece of paper out of an envelope, noting the texture of the paper, unfolding it and reading. And when a friend takes time to write by hand it conveys a warmth that is hard to match, no matter the content of the note.

You too?

Too bad you are not getting this note that way. I love email, but it is pretty sterile. But it sure is convenient and quick! I got a response back from someone on the far side of the world in minutes the other day. Mind-boggling.

We got a nice note recently, just like I like it. It was from some Swiss friends with whom we worked in Nairobi a number of years back, Luisa and Erwin Gull. Nice envelope. Great stamp. Handwritten note. What made this note special, though, was its content. Luisa is such an encourager. She related how they had taken a hike recently and how, as they looked up the mountain, they could not see how they were going to get up there. The trail was just not visible. They trudged up, and on. And when they got to the top, tired, they took a look down. And from that perspective everything became clear. The trail was clearly visible—every zig and every zag.

The metaphor was clear. The path is not always clear. But from the right perspective, all becomes clear.

Judy and Cammie were in Houston last week for consultations and checkups. We are most pleased to report that as far as we know and they can tell, everything seems good. The CT scan is clear. There is no active tumor that they can detect. We are delighted with this report, but I doubt we are at the top of the trail yet. We have ascended a rocky path to this point and it is possible the trail might level off for a while. That is good—gives us time to catch our breath.

We thank you each for your interest, care and concern. And prayer. Especially your prayer.

Steve and Judy

Late November, 2004


PS And Luisa, thank YOU for your most encouraging note.