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In Memory Of


Cammie and Judy just got back from Houston this evening (Sept. 29th) and I thought you might like some news.

Up to and including this visit, “no news is good news”.   Everything is going well. Super, in fact.

So, really, there is not and has not been much to report (I did write something in July, but my family, and then Cammie asked me not to send it. But she is reconsidering and you might get to read “She’s Gonna Kill Me”—a strange title for a missive that explains a small prayer of mine.)

For well over five years now, Judy has met every Tuesday over lunch for prayer and fellowship with five ladies. As you might expect, they were friends before, but they have become best of friends since. There is an uncommon bond there, something that anyone would notice.

One of those ladies was Janis Miles, who died very recently. It has been a hard week for Judy. Janis succumbed of a sarcoma that entwined itself throughout her abdomen and grew and grew and grew until it finally choked out life itself.

It was hard on Cammie as well since her cancer is also a type of sarcoma. Just about a year ago, coming off her lung surgery and recovery, she committed to pray for Janis. Cammie asked if could she come over to her house every evening at 9PM and pray with her. But Janis, being the sweet person she was, suggested to Cammie that a phone call would be sufficient. So every night at 9PM Cammie would call and pray with Janis over the phone. Just a short, punchy little prayer. Just a couple of minutes each night.

That prayer each night was kindness of…you. Yes, you! All of you who prayed for Cammie are now getting prayer dividends from your original prayer investment as she passes your prayer forward to someone else.

Steve Van Rooy

September 29, 2005


(Cammie was in treatment herself, at this time, for a recurrence of her own cancer)




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