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And He Put A Gun To My HEAD

Several years ago I had a gun pointed at my head here in Dallas. I didn’t think the guy was going to harm me, since he said he was looking for someone else so I asked him if he would mind putting the gun down. He put it down. It was a 9MM automatic and it was in the cocked position. A bit scary.

That evening at dinner I thought Judy ought to know what happened. I actually thought it would be best to wait and tell her towards the end of the meal. When I told her the story three things happened. She blanched. Then she flushed. And then she started crying. I have never pretended to know the female mind. I was not sure why this upset her until she told me that they were actually tears of relief. It wasn’t that something bad had happened. It was that something worse didn’t happen.

Cammie just completed her third chemo. In conjunction with that they did a CT scan. The news is good. No new tumors. And the three small ones she has have not grown. Which seems to indicate that the liposomal vincristine is effective. We are a long, long way from being out of the woods, but the path before us has become a little wider and a little less steep.

When Judy told this to me over the phone yesterday as they were heading home, I felt a wave of relief. In fact, I felt like crying. And now, dear reader, I think I am in better touch with my feminine side since I think I have a better idea of why Judy cried the night I told her I had a gun put to my head.

It could have been worse news. Much worse