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A Bitter Pill


When I was a kid growing up in India we used to take a small yellow pill for giardia called Atebrin. It was the most bitter thing you could imagine. Even the briefest moment on the tongue followed by a quick gulp of water was enough to leave me shuddering.

I always wondered why they were not sugar coated.

We are having a small taste of Atebrin right now.

We went to Houston this weekend. We watched Theo, my nephew, graduate. We had a lovely family time, and then on Monday, Judy and Cammie went in for regular tests (CT, X-rays). The news is not good. Cammie has something growing on the scar tissue of the surgery on her lung done last September. There is no sugar coating this news. It will demand surgery (probably next week) and it will likely demand 2/3 of her right lung to be removed or possibly even the whole lung.

We go back to Houston Friday to meet with the lung surgeon and see when we can get her scheduled. These tumors have a habit of growing fast, so the sooner the better.

The taste of a bitter pill lingers. There is no sugar coating what we are facing, but by God’s good grace this too shall pass.

(undated, but prior to lung surgery in Nov. 2004)