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We are in a parenthesis, and all we know is that we are somewhere at the beginning. A hiatus. A respite. A breather.   (Of the three options in the “title” above, I kinda like the last one).

Right now what we know is this: Cammie is feeling good and is cancer free (as far as they can tell). She still tires easily. She is still sleeping about 12 hours at a time. And we are very pleased with where she is.

But (but!), we also know this: Cammie has had her lifetime limit on the two types of chemo that have, in the past, proven effective on her type of tumor. And she has had her lifetime limit on radiation in certain parts of her body. And there is not much more of her lungs they can remove if anything comes back (nor could she possibly qualify for a lung transplant).

So things are good at the moment, but are potentially grim.

Judy and Cammie will likely be going to Houston sometime this week. Later in the month one of the issues we’ll be looking at is a particular chemo. The problem with this chemo is that it is new but it appears to hold rhabdo at bay. It does not eradicate rhabdo once it is visible, but has the potential to contain it. What they hope, but don’t know for sure, is that it might kill rhabdo at the microscopic level. It may be worth trying, but we want to make sure Cammie is fully recovered to take the onslaught of another round of chemo.

Would you do something for me? Cup your hands into a “parenthesis” out in front of you. Now bring them together as if you were holding something. Good. That is what the Lord is doing right now for us—we are in a Providential parenthesis and are being held in the “hollow of His hand.

Thank you for your prayers. We will continue to keep you updated.


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